Meet Madde

Many of you will have met Madde Ots, our Group Manager or have spoken to her on the phone or by email.

We thought it would be nice for you all to know a bit more about Madde, so here she is in her own words to tell us about her role and why she loves working at Thistle DMC.

‘I have been with Thistle DMC since March 2018, so almost 3 years. I look after every aspect of the business and assist my colleagues as well when they need an extra pair of hands. This is what a good management and team-work is all about.

I am also involved in sales, connecting with people and companies all over the world as well as logistics and  operations.

From the moment when a the quote comes in I follow it through all the stages from the offer preparation and confirmation to booking, invoicing, confirming services and of course the quality control.

I love to be out of office and meeting with our local partners who supply us with their excellent services. It’s important because it helps me to be sure that we are providing a high quality service to our clients.

The best part of my role is that it’s so rewarding and I can see the results of my work instantly. There’s no better feeling than when the guests tell me that they have had amazing time and they are already missing us!

One of my favourite places in Scotland is the Scottish Borders which are so rich in history and legends, and I love Rosslyn Chapel. I am interested in Freemasons history, legends and rituals so the chapel is a real treasure trove for me! And of course it’s incredibly beautiful.

There is so many funny moments I have experienced while working for Thistle DMC.

Our clients once missed the ferry to Iona to visit the famous Iona Abbey because their coach was suck in Mull surrounded by Highland cows!

The cows had decided that the best spot to spend the mid-morning is in the middle of the road. So they stood there like a small hairy mountains looking at the cars and buses coming from all directions that they had brought to a halt.

When drivers tried to convince the cows to leave the road by nudging them  a bit on their backside, the cows just glanced over the shoulder at the people and then focused their watch back to the cars and people in the middle of the road.

Once the cows had had enough to satisfy their curiosity for the day and left, the traffic could move again. Luckily the ferry between Fionnport and Iona runs often so no harm was done and the group was especially delighted to have had such a close contact with famous Highland cows.

Thanks Madde